A nonprofit sports organization located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

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Important Dates

March 20: Spring Session begins.

May 29: Spring Session ends.



Spring Session starts Wednesday March 20th and ends Wednesday May 29th at St Josephs High School,
2425 Clover, (Tecumseh Rd East just East of Forest Glade Drive)

Junior - Grade school players gym times are Wednesdays from 7-8:30 pm
Senior - High school players gym times are Wednesdays 8:30-10pm

Players can register on the first night, March 20th.

Cost is $100 for the spring session. A daily $10 Drop In Fee is available.

Fees include all gym time, birds, and instruction. Players are to have their own racquets, eyeguards and proper gym shoes. All players MUST wear eye protection.

Site Administrator - Lil Lenarduzzi. Head Instructor - Nancy Loeffler-Caro.
Both will be present Wednesdays to answer any questions parents may have.
Questions regarding any programs may be sent to office@riversidesports.ca